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CORTEX is a carrier class Subscription, Charging and Content Delivery Platform. The system is designed to provide value added service providers and content providers a scalable and redundant core which provides multiple combinations of input and output channel, provisioning & charging interfaces and dynamic real-time content fetching capabilities.

CORTEX performs unique functions that significantly reduce the time and cost of resolving time-sensitive, mission-critical business problems. CORTEX features include:

  1. Multiple Input Channels – SMS, USSD, WAP, GPRS, IVR
  2. Provisioning – Service based, Subscriber based
  3. Intelligent Charging
  4. Administration Interface – Configuration and Monitoring
  5. Customer Care Interface
  6. Independent Reporting Engine
  7. Content Store house
  8. GMLC integration for Location Based Services
  9. Push and Pull Services
  10. Advanced subscriber analytics

CORTEX combines powerful technologies in a single platform to create a state-of-art solution

  1. Robust J2EE stack on Linux, Windows and Solaris
  2. Support for MySQL, Oracle, Postgres databases
  3. SMPP v3.4 support